Writers Council (Majlis) December 17, 2020

The Qatari Forum continued to present the special sessions in conjunction with the celebration of the National Day of the State of Qatar “The Writers Council”, where on Thursday, December 17th, it hosted on the YouTube channel a new group of authors to discuss issues of thought, culture and literature and to exchange congratulations and talk about their latest achievements. The session was moderated by Dr. Muhammad Saif Al-Kuwari.



The writer Omar Al-Ajli, a lecturer at the Community College, said that the National Day is a treasury for the collective memory about the history of the homeland and that the State of Qatar was able to advance the ranks in various fields. He added that he tried to contribute in his turn to document the old history of the state, so he wrote about its history and about the founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammad Al Thani, and wrote a second book, “Qatar, The Journey of the Foundation”, which is based on Ottoman documents, considering that Ottoman documents are more accurate and reliable than British documents ones.

The book attracted the attention of many parties, even one of the American publishing houses translated it and sent him a letter of thanks and expressed their admiration for the content of the book, which is a documentary work on the history of Qatar as it was recorded in the Library of Congress and it is available on the Amazon website, which is “The summary of Sheikh Jassim’s journey and his leadership personality that enabled him to build a state and an entity from unfamiliar rules and under exceptional circumstances and with limited capabilities. He was even able to establish a system of government and lay the foundations of the state, which made him the focus of the attention of senior scholars and personalities who described him as one of the best of the Arabs, and one of the leaders of reform in the Arab world.

The writer Reem Daibes explained that the National Day is an annual occasion to remember the historical events and what the State of Qatar has achieved in terms of security and stability for people and the residents on its land, as it is the big heart that embraces everyone despite their differences.

She expressed her admiration for the manifestations of joy accompanying the celebrations of decorating the streets, cars and murals painted by Fine Artists, and said that she dedicates her love and affiliation to Qatar and her book “Peace Stations”, which is a collection of stories and a number of thoughts that talk about the challenges that people face and move in the various stages to reach the stage of peace.

For her part, the young writer Abeer Al-Dosary said that the occasion of the Qatari Day is an occasion dear to the hearts of all Qataris and residents.

It is a special event that makes all Qataris feel proud of belonging to Qatar, and it is an opportunity to return a part of the favor, which is what she tried to do through the weekly articles that they publish that deal in general with social issues and through which she aspires to bring about a change of positive thought.

In addition to the interest in women and children issues, she has also published a scientific book in the English language, and she is preparing to publish a new book soon.

The writer Hassan Ali Al-Anwari, Marketing Director at Al-Raya Newspaper, confirmed that he served the state in various jobs and positions, and that he recently released his first book, “The Smell of Books,” which is a book that deals with his biography, specifically the aspect of reading and his relationship with libraries. The book was admired by the Ministry of Culture, the organizers of the forum and the media, and is currently in the process of writing three new books in the field of reading and writing.

The journalist, Dr. Abdul-Rahim Al-Hor, also reviewed his most important achievements as he wrote more than 1000 articles published in the economic and social field and wrote several articles on the occasion of the National Day, including “Home’s Day” and said that the National Day is an opportunity to recall history and that it is part of his work in the field of economics, Noticing the country’s distinctive ability to invest resources and maintain its political and economic balance in the midst of the great turmoil that the world is experiencing, which is what made it stand in the ranks of developed countries at all levels.

Stressing that laws and legislations protect the rights of everyone on its territory and keep security and stability for them.

The writer Ahmed Hussein Al-Mutawa talked about the importance of celebrating the National Day for Qataris as it is a memory of the founding of the state by the founder in the year 1878, and it is the day when Qatar began to take its steps steadily towards progress and prosperity because he was the right man in the right place. This day becomes a witness to the identity of the nation, where the Qatari heritage is highlighted and the spirit of cohesion and solidarity between the people’s celebration is embodied in it,

This day is also an opportunity to get acquainted with the achievements of the state’s institutions and to remind of Qatar’s ability to protect its national unity, and he said that for his part he devotes the last writing to ecotourism for the State of Qatar and is the result of his experience and expertise in this field as he highlighted the environmental features of the State of Qatar and its most important characteristics

and confirmed during it, the diversity of the Qatari environment in terms of beaches and rare animals “the Arabian Oryx”, which Qatar succeeded in protecting from extinction thanks to the wise leadership in protecting the Qatari heritage.