Within the initiative What You Dedicated to Qatar: Dr. Hasan Rashid reviews his career and achievements that he presented to Qatar December 22, 2020

Within the fourth session of the “What You Dedicated to Qatar” initiative, launched by the Qatari Forum for Authors, at the beginning of December, coinciding with the celebration of the National Day of the State of Qatar, Qatari critic Dr. Hasan Abdullah Rashid reviewed his most important cultural achievements and his creative stations that he gave to Qatar and talked about his long career During which he witnessed various major developments and achievements in the history of media and culture in Qatar.

Dr. Rasheed said that his joining Qatar Radio was one of the most important stations of his life and formed a qualitative leap in his career, and he had joined the radio with a group of first high school students consisting of about 35 students, most of whom did not continue in the field that, according to his opinion, required passion and talent, which was very difficult because it is not a routine act, but rather a sublime message and a noble mission whose purpose is to serve the nation and society,

He had a choice either continuing in the radio or joining another field after that, thanks to the support and guidance of some of the radio operators, he decided to continue, and traveled to Cairo to study media, and he benefited a lot from this experience as the professors were at a high degree of competence, culture and experience in various fields that are related to media, art and culture in general,

When he was a graduate from a high school, those who were enrolled in the institute were graduates from the university and this what doubled the challenge for him and decided not to return to his homeland until after he had studied enough knowledge and culture to present the addition, which made him distinguished in the study and be among the first graduates.

After coming back from Cairo and obtaining the certificate, he returned to the radio and his partner in the office was Hosam Ramzy, one of the founders of the radio station, and the poet and former Minister Haider Mahmoud.

He benefited from their experience and continuous discussions in literature and culture and had contributed to develop his memory and expand his knowledge,

For him, the radio was the second university, especially as it was full of competencies of various Arab nationalities, from whom he learned to respect the listener, and after that he presented his first popular program “Good Evening, May God bless you,” through which he learned to work and approach the citizens and dialogue with them until he could set foot steadily in this area,

Then he moved to a new station, which is presenting news on television as the first Qatari journalist to enter the field, which he considered it as one of the most difficult tasks. After that, Dr. Hasan’s achievements in the media field continued and he built a successful career in various fields of media, including culture, sports.

Dr. Hasan returned to dive more in talking about his experience in studying in Cairo, where he confirmed that he initially traveled to study in Kuwait and spent two months there, but due to the lack of references and books, he moved to Cairo, which he considered the most important city of culture and writing in that period, where it was a rich experience in every measure, both in terms of the experience gained outside the university is broader than the experience of the university itself, in addition to the abundance of books where the cultural arena was at its peak of production and giving.

Dr. Rasheed emphasized that the base was prepared for young people to give and be creative in the 1970s and 1980s, as the youth received great support from intellectuals and media professionals who were embracing young talents and opening the field for them, and this what made him enter more in the field and engage in various experiences, including writing duet a song and a collection of short stories that took advantage of the cultural movement and the stimulating general atmosphere,

He also noticed a great void in the field of criticism, especially that the specialists in this field had withdrawn and moved away and decided to leave an imprint in this field for future generations and in order to fill the existing gaps and prevent the manipulation of history, especially in the presence of some extraneous pens that were writing what was not appropriate and it was not objective and neutral.

Dr. Rasheed has published a number of books in this field in various fields of criticism, so that his works are a reliable reference and source for scholars and researchers, and he indicated that his presence in many committees and participation in several bodies contributed to presenting him to the others.

And he stressed that the duty of the intellectual, especially the old generation of intellectuals, is to document his experience as a witness to the eraو so as not to open the way to pens that are not capable or have specific agendas from the conquest of collective memory and Qatari history

And he still dreams of monitoring the artistic movement in various fields, which is what he considers a national and holy duty, in addition to strengthening and supporting the young talents who will carry the torch for the future.