Within a writer and book session: The Qatari Forum for Authors sheds light on “Creating Social Media Content” June 6, 2020

On Tuesday evening, the Qatari Forum for Authors hosted the writer Dalal Al-Aqidi as part of the weekly writer and book session moderated by Mr. Saleh Gharib, Program Manager at the Forum, to discuss her book, “Creating social media content” issued by the Publishing house of Lusail, in a live broadcast via the Microsoft Teams program.

The writer who is specialized in the field of media editing and managing social networking sites said that she decided to publish this book out of her belief in the importance of the content published in the virtual world, considering that the content is the basis of operations in social networks, confirming that there are a number of problems in the social networking accounts of governmental and private organizations and institutions, as they suffer from mismanagement of the content they publish through these sites, which may directly affect the interest of the beneficiaries and followers of these accounts.

Due to the importance of this matter, in this book, she touched on the arts of content management in social networks and revealed the process of creating distinctive content in steps starting from defining the goal to producing the content, and these steps are the summary of her experience in this field for 12 years.

She added that no individual, organization or institution has an inability today to be present on social networking sites, as the tools have become easy and accessible, but the real challenge they face is the creation of useful and purposeful “content” that is consistent with the goals of the institution and raises the interest of the follower at the same time.

Al-Aqidi defined content as everything that you provide to your target audience through social media, whether pictures, videos, news, audio clips, infographics, or video-graphics, to endless published media materials.

In this book, she quickly touched on how to manage the published content in steps ranging from defining the goal to outputting the content and measuring the impact after publication.

She also explained through her book how to measure and submit reports that clarify the impact of what has been published on these sites and determine the weaknesses and whether the publishing plan needs to be modified or the indicators are satisfactory and persistent, and among the most important indicators that she mentioned are the target audience growth rate and the fan rate and followers and views of the posted video, as well as the rate of publishing, response and other indicators that must be studied and analyzed on a first-hand basis by managers of social media accounts.

In this book, she also dealt with how social media managers can identify various sources of continuous support for publishing sites, including 20 sources that can be used to ensure continuous support and not cut off from the audience and followers.