The Qatari Forum for Authors discusses the importance of removing fear from our children December 24, 2020

As part of the weekly initiative to build a child’s personality, which is broadcast on the YouTube channel, the psychologist Faiza Al-Nuaimi presented Thursday evening a lecture entitled “How to remove fear from our children” presented through a set of advice for parents to deal with their children to help them overcome fear.

Al-Nuaimi started the lecture by emphasizing that fear comes from outside, and that the child is born and has all the creativity and has high skills and abilities with individual differences, but then there are some children who have great fear of people, especially strangers or fear of animals or fear of any sounds. Here comes the role of parents in removing fear, and as a first step they must remove fear from themselves and through dialogue, which is the most important way to build a relationship of trust between the two parties. Parents must be sure that proper education and discipline is not done by giving fear or methods of intimidation to children, but any message or information must be conveyed by speech.


Protection does not require the use of methods of intimidation or beating, as these methods lead to a counterproductive result, the higher the dose of fear is given, the greater the resistance and stubbornness of the child are received. All the what the family needs is a calm atmosphere which is full of love and respect, and it calls on parents not to underestimate the child’s mental abilities and treat him in a conscious manner which respects his intelligence and personality.

Childhood memories are unforgettable, especially feelings, memories and bad situations that are in their minds and hearts whose purity must be used. And in case that any negative behavior is issued by the child, the best way to deal with it, is to ignore and not give him the opportunity to repeat the wrong behavior.

Raising him through punishment and depriving him of the things he loves temporarily to express his refusal to act and allocate a place to punish the child instead of beating, which are methods adopted by foreign schools whose law criminalizes the practice of any kind of violence against the child.

She called on parents to break with the inherited erroneous habits that are not in line with the nature and specificity of the era, and to follow the method of the Prophet Muhammad, May God Bless Him and Grant Him Peace, who did not strike his children and did not use any kind of verbal or physical violence. On the contrary, his dissatisfaction was shown through his facial expressions, that is a good example for parents.