The Qatari Forum for Authors discusses the book “My Father … My Mother … This is Me” May 7, 2020

Within the event of the “Writer and Book” session, the Qatari Forum for Authors hosted Dr. Issa Saleh Al-Hor to discuss his book “My Mother, My Father .. This is Me” and the session was moderated from a distance by writer and journalist Mr. Saleh Gharib, who started it by referring to the importance of the book’s topic and its educational dimension.

At the beginning, Dr. Issa Al-Hor talked about the book’s main points, which aim to formulate an educational reference for the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of the child, in a simple manner, addressing parents with their vocabulary, to accommodate their child, and the chronology of his age.

He pointed out that the title reflects the child’s need to assert his presence at every stage of his development, and the parents’ need to understand these developments and transformations in understanding, language, feelings and senses, and to achieve positive communication with these transformations.


Al-Hor said that awareness of these issues avoids many problems for parents by getting to know them and the needs of the child.

In his review of the contents of the book, the author said that he devoted the first chapter to the environment and the formation of the child, and the second to the stages of the child’s development, noting that the environment is one of the most important factors affecting the formation and upbringing of the child, and that the latter changes with the change of the environment and responds to these changes by nature, so parents need to create the environment appropriate for the child’s growth before and after his birth, and understanding his stages of development, his worlds, his body language, and his emotional and social activity, preparing for this with general points that must be known, as it is the formation of all feelings, senses, thoughts and behavior, and at each stage a special language is used, including crying, body language, tone of voice and imaginations.

The guest then proceeded to talk about the importance of chronology and the concept of age stages, and the need to know the characteristics, feelings and behaviors of the child, indicating the need to identify these stages, and understand their language and behaviors, which are stages: cradle and breastfeeding, recalculations, annoying rejection, discovering emotions, revolution of emotions, blind imitation, self-centered, contemplative, adventurous, and independent.

Al-Hor said that this knowledge avoided the parents and the child what he described as “the transfer of stages and behaviors” that results from a lack of understanding of those stages and their requirements, stressing that the child, with his urgent questions, does not ask for complex answers and a scientific or ideological explanation, but rather he asks for simple answers that meet his need for question marks, and brings the child closer to his parents, and makes them a reference for him. Otherwise, he is forced to search for it in other places and with other people, and then it is difficult to amend or correct the information, because building is easier than demolishing and building again.

Dr. Issa Al-Hor concluded the session by noting that the home quarantine period represents an opportunity for everyone to get to know their children, their needs, their temperament, repair defects, correct behavior, and feel the love and pride of their family for them.

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