Qatari Forum for Authors highlights “Something in Me That Never Dies” June 16, 2020

Within a writer and book session, the Qatari Forum for Authors discussed, on Tuesday evening, the book “Something in Me That Never Dies” by Suhaila Al-Qayed, in a live broadcast on Microsoft Teams, and the session was moderated by Mr. Saleh Gharib, Program Director at the Forum.

Al-Qayed said that she sought, through this work, to touch the spirit of the reader, arouse his passion, and enter it into the complex worlds with different stories in which reality and imagination are mixed and in which events overlap with feelings in a concise manner and graceful words rich in meanings and full of connotations, where the worlds intertwine and diverge in various stories and thoughts. In order to be able to stimulate the reader’s passion and urge him to get out of the frailty and weakness of himself and to discover what is real outside the walls of the body and reality.

This book is considered a new chapter in the romantic writing of Al-Qayed, and it is a continuation of the previous books that all talk about the character of a girl who enters into interconnected worlds between the shadow world full of feelings close intellectually and spiritually for two people who do not meet.

These writings came as a result of a realistic experience that refined the writer’s talent, matured her thought, and made her able to be in different worlds on the surface, but she shared the depth of human feelings between her lines.

The main character of the story enters the gypsy world to saturate the hunger of societies that are thirsty for ideals, principles and lofty values by spreading the light of their faith and risking their souls with trees, stones and stars until they reach the stage of sublime human emotion, and then the character touches on a different world, which is the world of mental health.

According to the guest of the Forum, life is a psychiatric hospital with its bitterness of experiences of the pain of disease, loss and death, and the similar reactions of healthy and sick patients.

This work reveals the secrets of psychiatric clinics and the secrets of patients by photographing the daily events inside the treatment rooms, indicating that they reached this state of hypersensitivity as they could not confront the darkest situations outside, so they decided to retire inside and the person may be confined to himself.

The Qatari writer said that she carefully chose a set of pictures that she attached with various thoughts to complete the idea, reach the feeling, and enter the reader into the world of the story through the window of word and image.

It is noteworthy that this book was published in 2019 by Lugsail Publishing House and it consists of 35 pages, while the first part was published under the title “My Other Shadow” in 2018 and it consists of 97 pages. These are thoughts that began with an introduction to readers about the reasons for the experience of writing and offering them for publication, the events of the thoughts revolve in their entirety around two personalities between them with a surreal love in the world of imagination as well as the body and the shadow, from one thought and spirit of unity but they do not meet.

The second part was published in 2019, entitled “Torim”, in 35 pages. It is the story of a gypsy girl who spreads peace in societies and cities and has a magical talent that seeks idealism until it reaches pure and sublime love.