In a lecture at the Qatari Forum for Authors from a distance broadcast: Al-Dosary: Investing times effectively that enhances national identity May 14, 2020

The Qatari Forum for Authors continues its activities remotely during the blessed month of Ramadan, as it organized a lecture entitled “Enhancing Qatari Identity through Time and Benefit from it”, presented by Dr. Dara’a Al-Dosary.

The writer, Dara’a Al-Dosary, began his speech by distinguishing between time management and its investment, providing some advice to achieve this investment, in a way that strengthens the national identity within the family and within society. He emphasized that the importance of managing times effectively contributes to strengthening the national identity.

He called for the importance of consolidating the saying that time is life, and that having more of it means that it contributes to strengthening the national identity, and that the first manifestation of investing times lies in achieving what pleases God Almighty and His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and with everything that benefits society.

Dr. Al-Dosary gave five tips to invest times, specifying it in rejecting everything that could waste time, the importance of achieving flexibility in its investment, not using mobile applications in implementing plans, in order to avoid being hacked or losing it, and avoiding effectiveness on social media sites while implementing important things, in addition to the necessity of good planning for the tasks to be accomplished.

He said that taking into consideration all this will contribute to investing time either in writing books or undertaking volunteer work fields, which will contribute to strengthening the national identity.

In this context, Dr. Al-Dosary warned of the danger of wasting time using social media, pointing to a statistic he made himself on some of the users of these sites, and the number of hours they use, and it was found that they were used for a period ranging between 4 to 5 hours per day, “which is the time that can be invested in writing books or volunteer work in the community.”

He said that the problem is not at the time itself, as much as it is in its investment, and that good planning to complete the required tasks lies in investing time, focusing on the most important matters, away from obstacles or distractions.

He discussed approaches related to time management, and that lies in the organization of time, and reorganizing things within the same home, in addition to the implementation of tasks, and the organization of individuals by specifying the tasks of each individual.

Dr. Al-Dosary defined methods of time management in organizing oneself, and then organizing each of the things, tasks and individuals, and following the approach of the warrior, with the necessity to protect time from wasting until concentration and production are achieved, as if you are surrounded by a group of requests, you have to take a firm stance, either by isolation through secretarial or closed doors, or delegate tasks.

He concluded by discussing the waste of time, and at the forefront of that procrastination, which requires elimination, and confronting it with the speed of completion of work, while arranging the work environment, in a way that encourages the completion of the work, which prevents dispersion, stressing the need to avoid chaos and stereotypes.