Cultural Platform Initiative December 16, 2020

Mr. Hani Talib Ballan, Executive Director of the Qatar Stars League, was a guest at the Forum on Wednesday, who spoke about “arbitration and professionalism,” and praised the initiative of the cultural platform, which he considered a new initiative of its kind on the Qatari cultural scene.

He emphasized, as an athlete who played and ruled football and then entered the administrative sector, that it was necessary to share his idea and convey his experience to all those who are interested in the fields of arbitration and professionalism related to each other and who practiced them practically and professionally,

In addition to his keenness to put a Qatari footprint in the field of sport writing, especially as they are areas that reflect practical personal experiences and rare works issued in them, he decided to crystallize this idea in two publications, the first of which is “a special vision in arbitration” and the second “a special vision in professionalism” which are linked by a solid bridge of procedures and personal experiences,

And they are the results of a wide experience in the world of arbitration that is full of pressures, requirements and standards based also on previous experiences in the field,

The book is considered the first of its kind in the world that deals with arbitration-specific parts such as the character of the referee and his handling of difficult situations and the method of controlling his reactions.

As for the second book, which sheds light on professionalism, considering that the stage of professionalism is a qualitative leap in his life as a person in charge of a professional football system,

Pointing out that the term professionalism carries many niches and complex details, and it is an effort, planning and strategy that reveals the difficulty and complexity of the field,

Stressing that it is illogical that the country that receives world championships and has high expertise in the field does not have an imprint in writing in the field and that he found in himself the right person to transfer the experience due to his simulation of many situations in a number of sports institutions due to the nature of his work in the professional organization and to publish the culture of professional sports in the field of football to provide benefit to all who wish to learn and understand.

He emphasized also that the writing experience was one of the most important stations, as this experience affected him because he is still contemporary to them,  because he spent about 30 years in arbitration and 20 years in professionalism, stressing that the coming years will witness several changes in the two fields, which puts on him the responsibility to keep pace with the various changes, especially the period of the pandemic that changed the mind of mankind at various levels, and by the way announced his intention to publish a third book soon he handles the various events that he accompanied, whether in professionalism or arbitration during the pandemic, from his personal point of view.


He will shed light on the impact of the pandemic on various parties, on rulers and players alike, on their values, on their economic situation and how to deal with the pandemic, and he considered that the most important thing in the book is the lessons learned from going through difficult and hard times and how to cope with shocking changes, and finding if adequate treatments have been found to deal with the situations, and if the global periodicals have been able to cope, and how do professional periodicals deal with financial difficulties.