Cultural Platform Initiative December 3, 2020

The educational forum and children’s stories author hosted Ms. Asma Al-Kuwari, who shed light on “the heard stories and read stories.”

She said that her work and her passion for the world of the child made her interested in child literature, which is a well-established literature that began with the beginning of humanity, so there is no separation between the beginning of humanity and children’s stories.

She emphasized that the family has the primary responsibility for the upbringing of children, as children must be taken care of, and giving them guidance and awareness is a great responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to present the appropriate story that suits them. The story is not just a linguistic narration, but it is the lesson, wisdom, events and messages that we want to communicate and convictions which we aim to instill in our children,

When talking about the story, a separation must be made between the written story and the narrated story and between the targeted age stages of the story. The story must be present in the child’s life from birth to maturity and accompany him throughout his life until he turns gray.

At the beginning of life, we present to the child the audio narrated story, as it makes him enjoy it as well as carrying in its folds, in addition to the information the child needs, many values and messages that contribute to building his personality, so even the mother’s talk with her newborn child about the hardship of pregnancy and its journey to reach life.

It is a deep story with a human dimension, and the child at the beginning of his life is ready to hear stories even if they are deep, contain imagination and a set of ideas, and are full of various words, but the words in the written story, they distinguish in their simplicity fewer words and less depth but more colors to perpetuate the story and reflect in the child’s imagination and visual memory, and at the age of 3 or 4 years, the child becomes willing to participate in the audio story and add events to it, which are the most important periods for investing the child’s emotional and mental intelligence, and here parents must involve the child in expressing opinion, but not in changing events, as for the written story, it is full of words and pictures and gives the child the opportunity to think and participate in the story, whether at the beginning or the end. but from the age of 6 to 10 years, fairy tales are the main area of the child, so he is constantly searching for imagination and going out for the child and the field is available for him to participate in fictional stories and not in realistic, historical and religious stories, in this case he is allowed to analyze and conclude, but with conservatism on the events of the story.