Cultural Platform Initiative December 6, 2020

The Qatari Forum for Authors, within the cultural platform sessions supervised and directed by the young writer Hamad Al-Tamimi, which is broadcast daily on the forum’s social media sites, hosted a new group of authors, intellectuals and thinkers to present their ideas, visions and experiences and introduce their achievements.

The writer specializing in drama Talib Al-Dous was a guest on the platform on Sunday to review his personal experience in writing drama, where he said that he began his writing experience with the encouragement of the school as he had presented some texts, which contributed to enhancing the talent of writing, but he met opposition from parents in the direction of art, but this rejection only increased his determination to prove his abilities and talent in writing, stressing that talent alone is not sufficient for creativity, but it must be strengthened by diligence, work and practice, as he presented his first work in 1984 under the title “Money and Souls” and the success of this text was the greatest motivation for continuity and progress in the field of writing and what strengthened his career was the standing of his teacher by his side through directives and continuous follow-up to him until he was able to get first place in the first youth festival he participated in, pointing out that the youth festivals and the Higher Council for Youth have greatly contributed to supporting young people and refining their abilities and talent, explaining that the tools for success in the field of writing are distinctive ideas and the ability to transform them into words and an integrated text in addition to imagination and varied reading, as for creativity, it is a matter of experience and accumulation of experiences, and it is a kind of risk and determination to continue the path despite challenges, where he asserted that despite his failure in his first and second work, he had success in the third attempt in 1997 by his work “Mother of suspended execution”.

It was for him a new start to complete his career that continued despite its stumbling in some stations until he wrote in 2003 a work for which the producers competed, stressing that all possibilities are available to those wishing to write today to hone their talents and develop their abilities, whether from the support of the competent authorities or the sources of various information collection, and this is what was not available in the past.