Cultural Platform Initiative December 15, 2020

The Qatari Forum for Authors, within the sessions of the cultural platform supervised and run by the young writer Hamad Al-Tamimi, which is broadcast daily on the Forum’s social networking sites on Tuesday evening, hosted the author and cartoonist Mr. Abdul Aziz Sadiq, who brought up the topic of “Caricature Drawing”.

Mr. Abdul Aziz said that the art of caricature drawing in the Qatari press began modestly in the seventies of the last century, and that most of the painters were non-Qataris except for Mr. Salman Al-Malik, who was the only Qatari who entered this field early, stressing that he entered the field in 1988 in Al-Raya newspaper. As an amateur painter, and he received support at that time, from Al-Jasra Cultural Club that presented a great support in his career and spread in the local newspapers, so that they printed a caricature book for him, which enabled him to spread more.

And he continued to paint from then to the present time and focused throughout his career on social issues in his drawings that were very close to him and to his vision and message that he wanted to convey to society, and he considered that the social cartoonist is the voice and mirror of society, indicating that the effect of drawing caricature is stronger than words and articles, as everyone who reads the newspaper must look at the caricature and can easily understand the message.

He added that along the time of his career, he issued six books, and social networking sites helped him in recent years to introduce his art and various works, and it was a way to get to know cartoonists from the Gulf countries and from various Arab countries, whose number has doubled in the recent period, which is a good indicator due to the importance of this art, and despite the scarcity of books specialized in this field in the Arab world, Qatari artists are keen to publish books so that everyone benefits and have the opportunity to learn about the various topics that have occupied public opinion.