Chef Aisha Al Tamimi dedicates her cultural creations and distinctive dishes to Qatar December 15, 2020

Within the third session of the initiative “What Did You Give to Qatar”, launched by the Qatari Forum for Authors, at the beginning of December, coinciding with the celebration of the National Day of the State of Qatar, the Qatari writer, Chef Aisha Al-Tamimi, reviewed her most important cultural achievements and her creative career in the field of cooking that she gives to Qatar.


Ms. Aisha introduced herself as a cooking and etiquette expert who started her career in the field of cooking from an early age, and she considered this profession one of the most difficult professions and she did not want to learn cooking, but with days she loved the field and developed herself in the beginning for her family and to be able to provide good hospitality to friends.

Her dishes were admired by everyone who tasted them, which motivated her to present more creativity and to work for more distinction, so that presenting the best became an obsession for her until she reached the stage of mastery of various dishes, but rather not only with the recipe, but adding her own touch, as she was rejecting tradition and looking for innovation, renewal and brilliance, in addition to ensuring that healthy foods suit all tastes.

About the beginning of her career as a writer, she said that she wrote her first work in the field of cooking in 2005 and had not achieved media fame at the time, but the praise she received from her guests encouraged her to share her recipes with readers, and in 2006 she began receiving media attention, and then doubled her efforts. In writing, she was able to issue 3 books between 2006 and 2011,

Her books have met with great success and readers accept them, which confirms the success of the recipes and their steady course on the road to success.

She emphasized that she began to pay attention to healthy and dietary eating since her first publication, and continued to follow this approach in its various versions, specifying special recipes for diabetics or for those wishing to lose weight by specifying the calories in each dish and the amount allowed for the patient,

Noting that the role of the chef is not limited to present delicious dishes only, but rather to achieve a balance between the spices and the various ingredients to provide a nutritious integrated dish, stressing that she does not hide the secrets of the success of her dishes from the readers or her followers on television programs, as she considers providing the recipe honestly is the reason for her success and building a relationship of trust between her and their followers,

She explained that she stipulated that the producers of the programs in which she participated should be broadcasted live because the live broadcast gives life and credibility to the program and enables her to know people’s opinions, benefit from them, know the needs of the followers and meet their desires, in addition to continuous communication between her and the audience.

She indicated that at the beginning of her career, she started with international dishes, then moved to popular dishes and was trying to find out the composition of every dish she tasted in restaurants in the various countries she visited, and if she was unable to guess the ingredients, she would ask the chef and try to imitate the dish upon her return home,

Emphasizing that the profession of cooking and the recipe of a cook is a source of pride for her, because she was able to reach the world thanks to this talent and had received support, encouragement and faith in her talent from all members of her family.