As a part of an initiative “I Chose for You from My Library”, Iman Al-Azayezeh sheds light on the novel “A Hero of This Time” June 17, 2020

As part of an initiative “I chose for you from my library”, the writer Iman Azayezeh, a member of the Qatari Forum for Authors, on Wednesday evening reviewed the novel “A Hero of This Time” by Russian writer and poet Mikhail Lermontov, via the Forum channel on YouTube.

Al-Azayezeh started the session by presenting the novel, which has been published for nearly 150 years, that is the first experience in psychological literature that relies on the socio-psychological structure of the characters. It consists of 236 pages, and translated into Arabic by Sami Al-Droubi, take place between 1827 and 1833, on the banks of the Black Sea and the Caucasus region, through a series of chapters dealing with the turbulent biography of a young Russian officer named Gregory Bechorin, alternating between the knowledgeable narrator, and the conscientious narration of the first person.

It is based on a unique way of narration, 3 levels of narration divided into five chapters, which are: “Bella”, “Maxim Maximich”, “Taman”, “Princess Mary” and “Al Jabri”.

She indicated that the novel may seem at first glance to be talking about a hero, but the main character of this novel is far from heroism, nobility and virtue, as he combines in his personality and behavior all the vices and enjoys the pain of others.

During this novel, the focus was on psychological dialogue with an intense dose of narration with modern and distinctive narrative techniques that convey human suffering in its details, whether for feelings of depression, pain, disappointment and disappointment.

It was noticed in it that the writer was affected by Alexander Pushkin, who died in a sword duel so that the hero of his novel died in the same way, and it is a miracle of fate that Mikhail Lermontov also died at the age of 27 in the same way.

The guest explained that this novel is deeper than it appears to the reader, because it is a reflection of the reality of the Russian politician in that historical era, as the Russian ruler was nourished from the people’s pain, so it depicted the reality of Tsarist Russia in the empire of Nikolai I, when young people lost all hope for change, and dissolved in a careless society devoid of interest and real desire for the advancement of the country, as the novel carried between its lines a Russian political thought.

She confirmed that this novel has appeared strongly under the spotlight recently because of the return to the same method of writing that makes a person without principles the hero of the novel, which is what happened in the movie “The Joker”, which was popular and well known.

It is noticeable that the initiative “I chose for you from my library” seeks to introduce important international books and motivate followers to read them by presenting a brief about them in an interesting way.