“Release your mind with your pen, and free your creativity with your mind, then, your country will flourish”

The forum aims to interest authors, especially in the following fields:

1. Raising the cultural level of authors.
2. Publishing the production of members in books and periodicals, encouraging the translation of good works into world languages, and working on transferring the world heritage into Arabic.
3. To strengthen relations with Arab authors, writers unions and Arab and international authors.
4. To strengthen relationships between authors and coordinate their efforts.
5. Supporting talented writers and working to improve and develop their abilities.
6. Activating the cultural movement and coordinating efforts and attitudes with professional and cultural associations and unions located in Qatar towards national issues.
7. Interest in literature, popular culture and related studies.
8. Working on all fields assigned to the forum by the ministry of Culture and Sports that are related to authorship, literature, and culture.