About the Forum

The Qatari Forum for Authors is a cultural body affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports in the state of Qatar, established by the decision of the Minister of Culture and Sports No. 91 of 2018, and the adoption of its establishment contract and statutes in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law No. 5 of 1984 to organize clubs. The headquarter is in Doha, and the forum may open other branches in the State of Qatar after getting the approval of the Minister of Culture and Sports.

This decision was taken after the Minister of Culture and Sports had met a group of Qatari writers on the tenth of December 2017, on the sidelines of Doha International Book Fair in its twenty-seventh session. H. E. The Minister expressed a desire to support the authors, especially in terms of finding an association that unites them, and uniting their efforts, to create a better future, enabling them to play their role in the cultural and literary movement towards the achievement of Vision 2030.